The 2 perforation image is 22.00 x 9.40 mm. It occupies the same width as the academy frame, but half its height. It's ratio is 2.35:1, the same as CinemaScope, Panavision and other anamorphic systems. When converting your camera to 2 perf we supply a modified gate and a new viewing screen. The viewing screen also shows a 1.78:1 frame, this being the ratio of high definition television (and also extremely close to 1.85:1 cinema wide screen.

The camera movement is re-built so that the stroke of the pull down claw is exactly halved. In most cameras new parts are manufactured to achieve this. Registration pin systems remain unchanged. Magazine drives, if mechanical, are modified to achieve half speed. Footage counters may be modified on request.

2 perf 2 perf
2 perf
2 perf
All 35mm cameras can be converted. Some makes require more parts to be manufactured due to the construction of their movements and the drive systems.

Standard lenses continue to be used, producing an 'anamorphic' image without the optical squeeze. The 2 perforation image is vertically 'stretched' using an anamorphic printing lens (or digitally) when either an interpositive or final internegative is produced. Exhibition prints for the cinema are made by contact.

Television release can be 2.35:1 'letterbox' or 1.78:1 wide screen or 1.33:1 'pan-and-scan.' All of these formats can be produced during a telecine transfer.